The collections of fabrics produced internally by ISER Srl, or processed and then delivered to the customer based upon a specific request, include fabrics intended for the clothing and fashion sector, including standard jacquard or that “customised” with special logos or motifs, satins, canvasses and twills, printed fashion fabrics; special fabrics for various uses, including classic satins, jacquard “customised” with special logos or motifs, canvasses and twills with flat and diagonal aspect, fabrics with special effects obtained by way of special finishes and subsequent ennobling in drums; fabrics for the leather goods and footwear sector, which include a wide range of satins (soft satin, viscose and cotton satin, nylon satin, heavy viscose satin and heavy polyester satin), Jacquard fabrics that are different by composition, canvasses and twills for leather goods and various types of moiré fabric with iridescent effect.